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    We can supply all kinds of fabric in 100% cotton and poly cotton in grey, pfp, white, dyed, print and its made-ups.
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Sadaqat Home Textile Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

About one century ago, a leather and textile family, known as “A B Sadik Sons” family started their leather and textile business in Kolkata (India) and in Chiniot, Pakistan�s famous textile family city.

Our company�s success and its excellent performance in recent years is due to the company ‘s basic guiding philosophy “We Make People Comfortable”. It is due to this philosophy that the company has gained the reputation of producing high-quality products.

We can supply all kinds of fabric in 100% cotton and poly cotton in grey, pfp, white, dyed, print and its made-ups.

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    Sadaqat Home Textile Exports (Pvt.) Ltd. We will respond to your Email As Soon As Possible, For quick help or inquiry, You can reach us at asim@sadaqathometex.com.pk OR Whats App: +92 300 8666757. Kindly include your Gear Ship Username for our reference to serving you in a more efficient manner.

    Sadaqat Home Textile Exports (Pvt) Ltd.

    P-15, Karim Market, 1st Floor, Montgomery Bazar

    Faisalabad, Pakistan

    Web: www.sadaqathometex.com.pk

    Mr. Asim Riaz 92-300-8666757

    Mr. Aamir Riaz 92-300-8660757

    Office: 92-41-2610211



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